Minecraft Plugins

What are Plugins?

Plugins are a way of modifying the base Minecraft experience without having to modify the client. They add functionality to the game that can be accomplished using the blocks and items from the base game, and plugins only need to be installed on the server. The most popular plugins are usually chunk-claiming, anti-griefing, or command-adding plugins.

Can You Use Both Plugins and Mods?

Yes. It is possible to use both Forge mods and Bukkit-style plugins, though it depends on the version of Minecraft you are using. For Minecraft versions 1.17+ these custom hybrid server jars require you to set up a custom server and upload one of the hybrid server jars as well as the server files. They do require additional testing and double checking of both mods and plugins. Some mods and plugins do not work with these hybrid servers.

Minecraft VersionHybrid Plugin / Mod Server
1.12.xSpongeForge, Mohist, or Magma
1.16.xMagma or Mohist
1.16x and 1.18xArclight, Magma or Mohist
1.19xArclight, Magma or Mohist
1.20xArclight,Magma or Mohist


Be Careful

The above Hybrid Servers can break your server and in most cases will. So make sure to create a backup first.

Specific Mods and Plugins

Some mods and plugins have a specific set of instructions to be installed on our platform: