Setup a Custom Domain Name for Your Game Server

It is possible to point TLD to your game server, in addition to the friendly address that we provide.

Register Your Domain Name

Register your domain name through a domain registrar. Typically, it should only cost $10-15 per year depending on which service you register through. Notable domain registrars include GoDaddy,, and NameCheap, though there are many more options to choose between.


When you check out the domain name, the companies will try to upsell you additional services, like web hosting. All of the services are optional and can be unnecessary. Privacy protection can be useful if you want to hide your name, address, telephone number, and email from the public.

Set or Update Your Friendly Address

When you create a new server, you have to set the friendly address. Before you setup your domain name, you will need to know your friendly address and may want to update it to something else.

  1. Login to Command Center
  2. From the server list, choose the server you would like to set a friendly address for and click Manage.
  3. Click on the gear icon and from that menu click on Address and Memory.
  4. Set the friendly address to your desired name.

Determine How to Edit DNS Records

Your domain registrar should provide directions on how to access a DNS manager. DNS translates your domain name to your numeric server IP and port or your friendly address. If you aren’t sure how to access the DNS manager of your registrar, you may contact your registrar or us for further directions.


Example Names Used for the Rest of the Tutorial

The rest of the tutorial uses the following example names. Replace the example values with your own.

Domain Name:
Desired custom game server address: or
Akliz Friendly Address:
Game Port: 25565
Forwarded Port: 25570

Your game port may be different. Games are made to use a specific port, but our system can forward that port to a different one to make sure that every server has their own port. You might have a dedicated IP address with us which would mean you are using the game's default port.

Create DNS Record for default Game Port

Add the following DNS record:

  • Name: sub
  • Type: CNAME
  • Value:
  • TTL (if available): 300

Make sure there is a trailing . after the value.

Create DNS Record for Forwarded Port to Sub-Domain

Add the following DNS record:

  • Name: _minecraft._tcp.sub
  • Type: SRV
  • Value: 0 0 25570
  • TTL (if available): 300

Make sure there is a trailing . after the value.


If you wish to use the default game port (25565 in this example), contact us, and we'll assign your server the default game port.

Create DNS Record for Forwarded Port to Domain Name

If you want to point to your server instead of
With this option, it may be difficult or impossible to setup a website at

Add the following DNS record:

  • Name: _minecraft._tcp
  • Type: SRV
  • Value: 0 0 25570
  • TTL (if available): 300

Make sure there is a trailing . after the value.


If your server uses the default Game Port (25565 in this example), also add the following record for extra reliability:

  • Name: [Leave Blank]
  • Type: A
  • Value: [Your Numeric Game Server IP Address]
  • TTL (if available): 300

If your complete server address is, use in the value field.

Wait for the Changes to Propagate

Depending on your registrar and DNS provider it may take 24-48 hours for your changes to take effect. Please be patient. Contact support for help if your custom domain still doesn’t work, and we’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot.

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