Install Factorio Mods on a Server

Installing mods for Factorio takes just a little bit of work. First you need to find and download the mods. Then you upload them to your server using SFTP.

  1. We recommend you go to the official Factorio website. It's a simple way to find the mods you're looking for.
  2. Find the mod you want and click the DOWNLOAD button. Keep it as a .zip.
  3. Start your server at least once to create the folders you need. Once finished loading, stop the server.
  4. Connect to your server using SFTP as explained here.
  5. Navigate into the Factorio folder.
  6. Upload the .zip file to the mods folder on your server.
  7. Restart your Factorio server.



  • Try to install only one mod at a time so you can determine if you like what it does. Also, this helps to find any errors you might get because you know exactly which mod you just installed.
  • Make sure to read the descriptions to see if any mods require other mods to run. There might also be information on which mods don't play well together. Keep that in mind as you choose your mods.