Changing the Map on your Conan Exiles Server

Here is how to set the map your Conan Exiles server uses:

  1. Log into the Command Center and edit this file: /conan-exiles/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Engine.ini
  2. Add these two lines to the bottom of the file:
  3. Add one of the following to the end of that line, depending on which map you're trying to use.
  • Exiled Lands: ConanSandbox
    • Optionally, for the default map (Exiled Lands) you can simply not add anything and remove those lines mentioned above from the file.
  • Isle of Siptah: /Game/DLC_EXT/DLC_Siptah/Maps/DLC_Isle_of_Siptah
  • Savage Wilds (This is a mod. See here on how to install mods): /Game/Mods/Savage_Wilds/Savage_Wilds
  1. Save the file and restart your server. Your server will now use the map you have set.


Modded Maps

Other modded maps will have different paths, but most should be somewhat similar to the Savage Wilds mod. Note that this is NOT the actual file path to the map file, this is an internal path. Check the mod page/documentation for your specific mod to find out how to add it.