Core Keeper Server Config

Changing Core Keeper Server Config

There are only a few things you can configure on a Core Keeper server. Here's how to access the config file and change settings:

  1. Start your Core Keeper server once. This will generate the default config file for you, and it can take a minute or two.
  2. In Command Center, navigate to the Files tab on your server's page.
  3. Find and click the file at /core-keeper/DedicatedServer/ServerConfig.json to open it in a separate window to edit.
  4. Stop your server.
  5. Edit the configuration using the explanation below, then save. Now you can start your server, and the new configuration will take effect.

Core Keeper Config Options

  1. gameId is your Game ID. This is generated automatically, but you can set it manually if you want to. The GameID must be at least 28 characters, cannot have the number 0, and cannot have punctuation. Be careful, if your GameID is too long for the in-game text box, you cannot paste it in or type it. Make sure it's over 28 characters, but small enough to fit in the text box. (We recommend using the automatically generated GameID because of this.)
  2. world lets you choose which world to load by changing the number.
  3. worldSeed lets you set the seed. 0 generates a random seed. If you change this, you will need to use a new world since the existing world already has a seed.
  4. worldMode is difficulty. 0 is Normal, 1 is Hard, 2 is Creative, 4 is Casual. Changing between creative and non-creative worlds is not supported by the game.
  5. seasonOverride overrides the current holiday event or season event. List of options is below.

Season Override Options

-1Changes event based on date and time. Events will automatically enable with this option at the proper time.
0No event
6Cherry Blossom

See more about the events here.