Common Satisfactory Errors


Generate the Config Files First

To make configuration changes to your Satisfactory server, you will need to generate the config files first.

Server connection is laggy / I keep falling off my ziplines!

If you find interacting with some objects like ziplines, ladders, and storage crates is sometimes unreliable or jittery, you may need to increase the Network Quality on your game client & server. By default, servers are set to 0 / Low quality, as that gives the best FPS for all players connected, but can cause lag with connection speeds.

Possible settings are 0 / Low, 1 / Medium, 2 / High, or 3 / Ultra. You'll want to use the same setting on both server & client.


Higher Network Quality will reduce server lag, but may cause FPS problems! If you're having bad FPS on the server, but not in single-player, try setting the Network Quality to a lower setting. You may need to do some experimenting to find the right balance between Network and FPS.

Setting Network Quality on your Client:

From the main menu, go to Options > Gameplay, and set "Network Quality" to Ultra, and uncheck the box next to "Send Gameplay Data"


Setting Network Quality on your Server

Once you've generated the config files, navigate to GameUserSettings.ini and open it using the in-browser text editor.

Set the number for mNetworkQuality= to 3, or to the number corresponding to the related Network Quality setting you wish to use.

You can also set the Network Quality while the server is running, by running the command FG.NetworkQuality 3 from the Server Manager Console:


Someone else claimed my server / I can't remember my Admin password!

In order to reset the Admin settings on your server, you'll need to remove the exist settings via SFTP.

First, stop your server.
Then, with your SFTP client, connect to the server and navigate to .config/Epic/Factorygame/Saved/SaveGames:
If you can't see this folder, in WinSCP click on Options > Preferences. Inside of the Preferences window, click on the Panels section and select Show hidden files (Ctrl-Alt-H).


In that folder, there will be a file named ServerSettings.-#####.
Deleting this file will reset the Admin settings, and when you start the server & connect to it again, you'll be able to set Admin password and other settings, the same way you would on a new server.


Don't Delete Until You've Written Down the Session Name

Make sure to write down the Session Name you had picked before deleting the Server Settings. You'll have to use the exact same Session Name in order to access your world save files from before.