Install Dynmap, a Web-Based Dynamic Map


These instructions are for ⯁ Akliz customers, since they are about installing Dynmap on servers in our system.

You can render a dynamic map of your server world accessible through a web browser. The most popular plugin is Dynmap. Please read the following for specific instructions on getting Dynmap to run on our servers.


There are two versions of Dynmap available–the standard CraftBukkit plugin and one designed for Forge Servers, like Tekkit Lite, Voltz, etc.

Dynmap for CraftBukkit or Tekkit Classic

For those running Bukkit based Minecraft Servers, such as CraftBukkit, Spigot, or Cauldron, download Dynmap from Bukkitdev. If the file you download is a .jar, upload it to the plugins folder in your game folder. If it is a .zip, unzip it on your computer, and upload the contents, including the configuration folder, to the plugins folder in your game folder.

Dynmap for a Forge Based Minecraft Server

For those running Forge Servers (Tekkit Lite, Voltz, Feed The Beast etc.), you will need to install the Forge version of Dynmap. If the file you download is a .jar file, upload it to the mods folder in your game server. If it is a .zip, unzip it on your computer, and upload the two resulting folders – dynmap (containing colorschemes, renderdata, etc.) and mods (containing a .zip file) – directly into your game folder.


  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. Open the server you installed Dynmap on.
  3. Click the gear icon above the graphs.
  4. Click Port Forwarding and follow the directions. You'll be able to create a port for Dynmap there.
  5. Once you've forwarded the port, it'll give you a public port. The port will also appear on the Port Forwarding page. Your dynamic map should show up at [your server IP]:[port]. If you have set a friendly address, it is also accessible at [yourfriendlyaddress]:[port]. For example,


IP and Port

Do NOT change the ip and port information in the DynMap configuration files. They should stay at the defaults of and 8123.

Common Issues

Black Dynmap Page

Your Dynmap URL may display a black screen right after installation. It’s normal, as Dynmap takes a while to render the tiles. You should see the +/- at the top left and a compass on the top right though.

Failed to Bind Port

Your webserver-bindaddress or port are wrong. Check Command Center for directions on how to configure your port. If it still doesn't work, contact us, and we’ll help.

White Dynmap Page

You haven’t uploaded the Dynmap configuration folder to the plugins folder in your game. It contains critical files to handle the browser side rendering of your map. Upload the configuration folder and restart your server. This should be unnecessary for newer Dynmap versions.