Modifying Minecraft

Vanilla Minecraft is great! But some people want to make changes to the vanilla experience and make modifications to the game. You can do that at Akliz in just about any way possible. If you run into any problems, please make sure to contact our support team.


The Easy Way

The absolute easiest way to modify Minecraft is to use one of our hundreds of quick install modpacks. Log in to your Command Center account and then you can choose from them here.

Vanilla Packs/Addons

There are some ways to modify Vanilla Minecraft without having to change anything about Vanilla Minecraft. You can add resource/texture packs to change the looks. You can also add data packs (for Minecraft 1.13+) that can change the way the game works. All of this uses the functionality already built in to Vanilla Minecraft:

Modded Servers

Resource and data packs are great! But what if you want to fundamentally change the way the game works? That is where mods and plugins come in.

What are Mods?

When you hear about mods for Minecraft, people are usually talking about addons that are based on the Forge or Fabric APIs. These usually add new items and blocks to the game making it so you have to have the mods installed on both client and server.

Which API do you want to use? That depends on the mods you want to use. Once you've researched the mods, they should tell you if they need Forge or Fabric. Then you can install the correct one on your server.

What is Forge?

From the wiki: "Minecraft Forge is a free, open-source modding API and loader designed to simplify compatibility between community-created game mods in Minecraft: Java Edition."

Following are articles on how to install a Forge server and add mods to it and your client:

Are you more interested in creating a custom server and modpack? First, use something like the CurseForge launcher to make a modpack. Then convert that into server files. Finally, install those files on a Custom server:

What is Fabric?

From the wiki: "Fabric is a lightweight modloader. It has a separate API, required by most but not all Fabric mods in the mods folder." It is also for Minecraft: Java Edition.

Follow the articles below to install Fabric:

What are Plugins?

Plugins are a way of modifying the base Vanilla Minecraft experience without having to modify the client. They add functionality to the game that can be accomplished using the blocks and items from the base game and only have to be installed on the server. The most popular of these are usually chunk-claiming/anti-griefing or command-adding plugins.

Can You Use Both?

Yes. It is possible to use both Forge mods and Bukkit-style plugins. It depends on the version of Minecraft you are using.

Minecraft VersionAPI to Use
1.12.xSpongeForge, Mohist, or Magma
1.16.xMagma or Mohist
1.16x and 1.18xArclight, Magma or Mohist
1.19xArclight, Magma or Mohist
1.20xArclight,Magma or Mohist


Be Careful

The above APIs can break your server and in most cases will. So make sure to make a backup first.

Specific Mods and Plugins

Some mods and plugins have a specific set of instructions to be installed on our platform:

Modded Clients

There are a few clients you can use to modify your game:

CurseForge Launcher

Feed the Beast Launcher

Technic Launcher