Tekkit Missing Mods


This article is archived. The information provided here does not apply to present day servers and links on this page may be dead. The information is being provided for posterity.

As of January 2, 2013, all new Tekkit servers are running 3.1.2, as there are some open issues with 3.1.3. When you connect to your server, you may receive a message similar to the following:

The server requires you to have the following mods:

mod\_ComputerCraft 1.33
mod\_CCTurtle 1.33
mod\_IC2 v1.97
mod\_Railcraft 5.33

It indicates that the Tekkit version in your Technic Launcher is not the same as your server. To change your client version:

  1. Open Technic Launcher.
  2. Click Options next to the password box.
  3. Choose Always use recommended builds.
  4. Verify that Select Modpack build: at the top is 3.1.2.
  5. Click OK and then login.

Please contact support if the above steps don’t work.