Run Simultaneous Worlds on Tekkit Lite, Voltz, Etc.


This article is archived. The information provided here does not apply to present day servers and links on this page may be dead. The information is being provided for posterity.

You may be able to run multiple simultaneous worlds with Tekkit Lite (and possibly other mod packs like Voltz) by using MCPC-Plus and the CraftBukkit Multiverse plugin. It is completely experimental. One of our users, CountFive, has graciously written and shared the following instructions to get it to work. You can find a copy the instructions and a discussion at the Technic forums.



These instructions are for installing Multiverse-Core-2.5 under Tekkit Lite 0.6.1. Steps 1-3 also makes it possible to install Multiworld, but we recommend Multiverse as a better package, especially with the addition of Multiverse-Portals.

  1. Start with an install of Tekkit-Server-0.6.1. If you have an existing world, make a backup of it.
  2. Remove the mods Chicken Chunks and Dimensional Doors.
  3. Copy the mcpc-plus-legacy-1.4.7-R1.1-SNAPSHOT-f534-L13.jar (available at the minecraft port central forums) to the main directory. Contact support for MCPC-legacy.
  4. Using Command Center and from the server list, find the game you want to modify, and click the Manage button on the right. Then from that server, click the gear icon on the left to access the menu, and select Game Update. At the bottom, under Custom JAR, select the mcpc-plus-legacy-1.4.7-R1.1-SNAPSHOT-f534-L13.jar.
  5. Copy the Multiverse-Core-2.5.jar file (available at Bukkitdev) to your plugins folder. If you don’t have one, create one. Also add any other plugins, such as Multiverse-Portals-2.4 and world-generators.
  6. Make any changes to that you want.
  7. Start your server. Once the server is running, you should be able to verify that multiverse is running by logging in and typing the following:


This will display a list of worlds (to start with you’ll have three: the overworld, the nether, and the end).

/mvc world\_new normal

This will generate a new world in the folder world_new.

/mvtp world\_new

This will teleport you to the new world.

Additional Information


Identified Issues

  1. Wireless Redstone

    • In worlds other than the “Main” worlds (the one defined in, and its corresponding nether and end worlds), wireless receivers will only detect the state that the frequency was in at the time the frequency was set. If it was on, it stays on, otherwise it stays off. If you reset the frequency, it will get the new state. but it will hold that until you reset the frequency again.
    • In the main worlds, wireless receivers have to be reset each time the server reboots.
  2. Transport Pipes

    • The animation of items moving through transport pipes does not work except in main worlds. The items are still active redstone pipes, you just can’t see them.
  3. While teleporting to alternate worlds is almost instant, teleporting back to the main world takes a little time.

  4. Initial experiments starting up mcpc with an existing world intact leads to server crashes. You can bypass this problem by renaming the world and creating a new one, then import your old world with /mv import world_old normal. Removing dimensional doors may resolve this problem.

  5. Sometimes the spawn point on a new world is in an unsafe place. Switch to creative mode to survive, get to a safe place, and type /mv setspawn. This will set the the spawn to your world to the exact spot that you are in.


April 19, 2013

Users report that the server will kick off players who place Dimensional Anchors. When the player returns, world interaction is limited until he or she logs out and logs in again. A workaround is using Teleport Tethers instead.