This article is archived. The information provided here does not apply to present day servers and links on this page may be dead. The information is being provided for posterity.

JSONAPI requires specific configuration to work with Command Center. JSONAPI adds a web-based JSONAPI to a Minecraft server that allows one to run commands on.

  1. Login to Command Center.
  2. Open the server you wish to manage.
  3. Click the gear icon above the graphs and go to Port Forwarding.
  4. Follow the directions to complete setup.

If the directions advise you to edit a config file, do the following:

  1. Open /[game name]/plugins/JSONAPI/config.yml
  2. Change the port to the following: [your server port] - 25565 + 20059. For example, if your server port is 25567, set your JSONAPI port to 20061. If your server port is 25569, set your JSONAPI port to 20063, etc. Your server port is the number after the : in your server address. The port of is 25570.
  3. After the line with port:..., add the following: bind-address: [your numeric server address]
  4. The numeric server address is the portion before the : and port. For example, it’s portion of
  5. Depending on the system you’re on, you may need to contact support to open the firewall. If you’re unable to connect, please contact us.