Configure Ports for Plugins


This article is archived. The information provided here does not apply to present day servers and links on this page may be dead. The information is being provided for posterity.

Refer to directions inside Command Center to configure your ports. Open the server you want to configure ports for, click the gear icon above the graphs, and then Port Forwarding.

Some Minecraft server plugins require ports, such as Dynmap and Votifier. The key to getting them to work on our system is setting their bind IP addresses to your IP and using the correct port.

Set the IP

  1. After installing your plugin, find the plugin’s main configuration file.
  2. Find a line that says something about an IP address and replace the existing IP with your own. The existing IP can be in the form of
  3. For example, if your server address is, change to Do not enter the :25568 portion.

Set the Port

  1. Find a line for the plugin port and record the existing port number.
  2. Use the following calculation to set the port: [server port] - 25565 + [default plugin port].
  3. For example, if the default port is 8123 and your server address is, set the port to 8126.

Save your config file and restart your server.